Kamen Rider Gaim Final Stage

Final Stage


The “triangle” Sid speaks of (and that Sid, Hase, Demeshu, and Redue are all wearing in that first scene) is a staple of Japanese folklore, indicating that the person is dead. Read more here.

“Maja” (魔蛇) literally means “demon serpent”, so no, Sagara isn’t Satan. Or he is one of many Satans.

From now on, all releases will come with dual subtitle tracks, one with plain text and the other with color-coded text. In addition to the previously announced cast, Redue and Demeshu have unique colors.

Please feel free to leave any DDL links in the comments!


Also, we are looking for downloadable versions or video links to any episodes of Sano Gaku’s Today or Takeuchi Ryoma’s Top Gear. Please contact us if you have any of these videos.

12 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim Final Stage

  1. FYI: The group Anime Gundam already uses the tag [AG] for their releases. You might want to consider choosing something else for your releases.

  2. I’m very thankful that ANYONE was able to get ahold of this DVD, let alone fansub it, thank you very much. <3

    Out of curiosity, are you interested in handling the rest of the DVD contents like the cast talk? I'm sure a lot of people out there would love to know what goes on there.

    • The (final) cast talk is the next thing on our list, actually; we’re already halfway done with the first section. There are two other cast talk nights included on the disc, but we have not gone through them yet to see if we’ll be interested in doing those as well.

  3. I’m soooo glad that someone’s finally subbing these! thank u 100 times! plus I see you are working on the DVD bonus contents too, looking forward to those!
    only 1 request- please give a direct download link for all the subs! like the one here in Mega. please !

  4. This is in a .torrent format, which I have never heard of, nor do I know how to open it without having to extract it using 7-zip. Are you able to reformat it so that it is in a video format that can automatically be played?

    • The torrent itself isn’t the video; you use it to download the file through a BitTorrent client. Googling torrents or bittorrent should lead you in the right direction if you’ve never torrented before. :)


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